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If you want to initiate a mediation procedure
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How do we proceed?


If you are a Party to a dispute which you wish to resolve by mediation:

  • fill out a form and click the „submit” button
  • or contact us by phone at:

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We will contact you and the other Party to the dispute in order to sort out any formal issues.


We will set up the date of the first mediation meeting (at our Office or online) to discuss the issue with both Parties at the same time; the meeting will not be longer than 1.5 h. It is also possible to set up a separate meeting for each Party to the dispute.


During the first mediation meeting the mediator will analyse your case based on information provided by you and by the other Party, and a Timetable of Mediation will be agreed by all of you – if possible, the mediator will inform you about the approximate period of the mediation procedure.


The mediator will assist the Parties in working out a settlement of the dispute.


The mediation procedure will result in a total or partial settlement which (upon the Parties’ wish) will be submitted for approval to a court, which will ensure that it is treated as a court judgment. In absence of a settlement or a partial settlement the Parties can continue solving the dispute in court.

What is the cost of mediation?

Voluntary mediation:

The cost is agreed on case-by-case basis.

Remember that if you start a voluntary mediation you will not have to pay any court fees whatsoever (!)

The cost of voluntary mediation may be shared 50/50 by both Parties; this issue is subject to voluntary agreement between the Parties and the mediator.

Court-assigned mediation

The cost of court-assigned mediation is regulated by the Ordinance of the Minister of Justice of 20 June 2016 on the fees and reimbursable costs of mediators in civil-law cases.

If you want to initiate a mediation procedure, fill out the form below and click the „SUBMIT” button.

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