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What is mediation?

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method which is regulated by law. The result of mediation – a settlement made before a mediator – gets court’s approval and has the force of a court judgment. A mediator assists conflicting Parties in mutual communication, definition of interests and helps find an ultimate solution of a dispute which satisfies both Parties.

What are the advantages of mediation?

  • swift and affordable (low cost),
  • voluntary and easily accessible,
  • mutually beneficial,
  • confidential and secure,
  • interrupts the limitation period (!)

We offer mediation in the following cases:

business disputes, including i.a.:

  • intra-company disputes
  • disputes between different business partners
  • disputes with clients

civil-law disputes concerning:

  • default payments
  • damages, including damages due to medical errors
  • real estate
  • inheritance
  • infringement of personal interests

family matters,
such as:

  • divorce
  • child custody, maintenance, place of residence and visitation rights
  • division of community property after divorce

employment-law cases concerning:

  • default pay
  • compensation
  • employees’ reinstatement claims

Jerzy Woliński – Certified Mediator

Jerzy Woliński has been a successful mediator in court-ordered as well as voluntary mediation cases since 2012. He has been trained by British as well as Polish mediators. He is a member of the Mediation Centre at the Supreme Bar Council and International Mediation Centre. He is also listed as a standing mediator of the Provincial Court of Warsaw and Provincial Court for Warsaw Praga District.